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Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis is a professional speaker, coach, trainer and attitude expert. His personal experience taught him the importance of a Champion Attitude and his life since has ingrained the value of attitude and what can be learned from it.

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Take 5 with Aaron to discover his speaking style and how he engages with his audience through meaningful conversation.

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The story and experience of Aaron Davis

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Aaron is known for his captivating & high-energy talks on the power of a championship attitude. Through his journey as a cancer survivor, his experience as a member of the 1994 Nebraska football national championship team, and his achievements as an author, Aaron has learned firsthand the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life personally and professionally.

As a cancer survivor, Aaron faced numerous challenges that tested his resilience and mental fortitude. His success in connecting with audiences in various professions stems from his transparency about his fears and dark times; he overcame physical and emotional obstacles that resonate with those fighting to maintain a championship attitude.

Drawing from this experience, he shares powerful insights and strategies that empower individuals to conquer their own battles and embrace life with optimism in a world of negativity.

In addition to his triumph over cancer, Aaron's experience as a member of a national championship team required exceptional athletic abilities, a winning mindset, and an unwavering belief in oneself and to be a team player! Aaron's team-first attitude has been instrumental in his ability to impart these lessons to motivate and inspire audiences to do likewise!

Furthermore, Aaron is a published author, showcasing his dedication to spreading positivity and life-changing messages. His written works testify to his commitment to personal growth, resilience, and the transformative power of a championship attitude. Aaron extends his reach to a broader audience through his books, providing valuable tools and insights that help individuals overcome obstacles and embrace a brighter future.

Aaron's dynamic speaking style, combined with his remarkable life experiences, enables him to connect with audiences on a deep and personal level. His authentic storytelling, practical strategies, and infectious enthusiasm leave a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to hear him speak. Whether addressing corporate teams, educational institutions, or community organizations, Aaron empowers individuals to embrace positivity, resilience, and personal growth.

my Mission
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Aaron has had the opportunity to speak to over 1 million people through his keynote presentations and coaching sessions.

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Using relatable experience to demonstrate Attitude Over Everything

Aaron knows how to speak to his audience in a way they can relate with and understand. From many lessons learned in his own life, including his upbringing, his time spent as a Husker teammate or his recent experience having beat cancer, Aaron knows how to connect with people. His experiences and his stories for how he handled each of them helps his audience understand that your attitude toward your life matters in a profound way. As an Attitude Expert, Aaron is committed to inspiring each and every one of his clients to overcome their strife by giving them tools that help them change their perspective.